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Supplying Man Power is in our DNA

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Are you looking for Professional labour?

We’ve got your back!

SHS Technical and Cleaning Services is the One-Stop-Shop for all recruitment solutions. We believe that every job needs professional labour. We fulfil your packing, cleaning and housekeeping needs. Our labour works in harmony and ensures the best recruitments are guaranteed to become a valuable asset for our clients. With this approach, we lead the way in supplying the most well-versed skilled and unskilled labour.

Why Choose Us?

We start with a goal to get the best labour to fulfill our local customer’s needs. We have set realistic timescales and procedures to help us complete tasks on time. SHS Technical and Cleaning Services is known for its immense recruiting experience; we focus on the requirements from start to finish and pay attention to the details. Our work ethic and well-versed labour make us stand out among others